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Sail On My Friends, Sail On.

We stand here on land as we watched each of you leave from this "Last Port Of Call" 

You have touched us with every story, every laugh and spoken passion of the sea. 

We will miss you tomorrow as we do today. 

As you cast your lines one last time, we wish you well on your next voyage. 

Your lines are tight and your sails are full with only a destination in your heart. 

May this new journey be as beautiful and as rich as the one you left with us. 

Pass the rum, laugh with new & old friends that are with you now and forever more. 

We ask of you this, remember the ones on shore as you forever sail on. 

May you have "Fair Winds and Following Seas and Long May Your Big Jib Draw" 

Sail On My Friends, Sail On... 

   - D. Nichol DPHC (4/2013)